AlienHelpers: More Alien Worlds Community Mining Events

AlienHelpers: More Alien Worlds Community Mining Events

Thanks to support from the Galactic Hubs grant program, the team behind Alien Helpers will be able to sustainably run events with larger prize pools, aiming to increase Alien Worlds community interaction, satisfaction, and participation.

The hope is to continue increasing the number of players participating in these weekly or biweekly displays of mining prowess. At the same time, the team plans to use the entire grant to reward the community and will not take a salary or commission from the funds.

Additional considerations include, but are not limited to, community interaction and etiquette. Several community members regularly run their own mining events, and we are willing to coordinate with these events to avoid drawing potential participants away from community-created opportunities.

Furthermore, the team will constantly seek feedback from the community about the direction of these events, allowing everyone a voice in how future events are shaped. In addition, we have plans to allow the community to create their own events without needing blockchain knowledge.

How it works

Players still need to mine in the Alien Worlds UI, but by linking your wallet address to your account on Discord or Telegram, you can fetch your latest results in our social channels using the /lastmine command. This will prompt AlienHelpers to display your latest mining results in chat and simultaneously add it to your total during event periods.

Additionally, players can pull up the leaderboard during event periods by entering the /lastmineleaderboard command in chat.

Thanks to the passionate Alien Worlds community and support from the Galactic Hubs grant program, the future of Alien Worlds events has never been brighter!

Feel free to reach out to our team on Discord or Telegram for any questions or collaboration opportunities.

About AlienHelpers

AlienHelpers has been an integral part of the Alien Worlds community since early 2021, dedicated to enhancing community engagement and fostering a deeper understanding of the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Originating as a community-run staking service, AlienHelpers has evolved into a comprehensive cross-social integration platform, seamlessly connecting your Alien Worlds social accounts to your on-chain activity.
The Alien Helpers bot boasts a robust suite of features designed to facilitate Alien Worlds mining competitions, characterized by diverse rules, enticing rewards, and flexible durations. Thanks to the seamless integration of the Alien Helpers bot and the unwavering support of the community, numerous successful events have been orchestrated, some boasting participant numbers exceeding 10,000.
In the span of the last four months, the bot has undergone significant enhancements, broadening its capabilities to enable cross-platform event hosting. Events now seamlessly span across various platforms, including the official Alien Worlds Discord and Telegram channels, while also accommodating team-based competitions. These events have consistently attracted substantial participation, with an average attendance exceeding 300 participants per event, culminating in the most recent event attracting a remarkable 593 participants.

Past events

In a significant stride forward for the Alien Worlds community, a substantial grant from Galactic Hubs has been secured, heralding an era of augmented prize pools for the highly anticipated mining competitions orchestrated by the Alien Helpers bot. With this infusion of support, participants can anticipate even more enticing rewards, adding a new layer of excitement to an already vibrant ecosystem. Traditionally, these events have exemplified a spirit of inclusivity, attracting both seasoned veterans and fresh-faced enthusiasts alike. Spanning an average duration of 48 to 72 hours, these competitions immerse participants in a thrilling race against time and fellow miners, all vying for their share of the bounty. Now, with the amplified prize pool made possible by Galactic Hubs' generous grant, the stakes are raised, promising an even more rewarding experience for all involved.

The team


David is a skilled Team Manager proficient in C# and renowned as the creator of games like Zombie Apocalypse and Block Battle 3D Robotron Edition. With over three years of experience in Web3 and development, David brings a wealth of expertise to the project. His leadership ensures seamless collaboration and exceptional results. A visionary in game development, David's creativity and strategic insight drive innovation and deliver unforgettable experiences.


Xander, an esteemed addition to our team with a rich background in Web3. With a wealth of experience in community-building and multimedia, Julian is a seasoned veteran in the field. Renowned as the creator of the thriving SteamingArt community, he has established himself as a pivotal figure in fostering interaction within the WAX ecosystem. Xander's dedication to cultivating vibrant communities make him an invaluable asset to our team.


Meet Geet, our Telegram Support expert, boasting over two years of invaluable experience in the Web3 realm. Geet's dynamic personality infuses every interaction with a unique perspective and boundless passion, elevating the success of engagements within digital ecosystems. With Geet at the helm, seamless communication and effective support are guaranteed, making him an indispensable asset to our team.


Our Lead Developer and Project Treasurer, equipped with a formidable arsenal of skills spanning Rust, C++, C#, JavaScript, VHDL, and Julia. With over three years of hands-on experience and a hand full of smartcontracts live on chain, Ricardooow is renowned for his expertise in delivering innovative automated solutions to Web3 communities. His adeptness in both on and off blockchain integrations ensures seamless functionality and unparalleled user experiences, making him an indispensable asset to our team.